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Project Description
This SharePoint feature allows end-users to generate shortened URLs against SharePoint content that can be used in documents, emails, navigation links, etc.


  • Ability to create custom short name
  • Ability to automatically generate a short name

Planned Changes

  • Remove dependency on Central Admin
  • Allow users to update shortened URLs
  • Provide a list of shortened URLs

SharePoint 2010 URL Shortener Screenshots

SharePoint 2010 Generate URL  SharePoint 2010 Custom Name

SharePoint 2010 Generated URL

SharePoint 2007 URL Shortener Screenshots
SharePoint 2007 Generate URL

 SharePoint 2007 Custom Name SharePoint 2007 Generated URL

SharePoint Redirected URL

YouTube video of solution in action:


  • This release is limited to only one URL shortening web application within the default zone

SharePoint URL Shortener Installation Instructions
SharePoint URL Shortener Installation Instructions (PDF)

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